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Raise Right

St. Joseph's RAISE RIGHT Program-Fundraising made easy!

St. Joseph's School and Church both participate in the Great Lakes Raise Right program. Raise Right is fundraising while you shop. Here’s how it works: a family will buy a Raise Right gift card through St. Joseph's Church Raise Right program. They'll pay the full face value, but they’ll earn an immediate rebate percentage that's typically between 3% and 15% depending on the retailer. Then they use that gift card on their normal purchases. You're not spending extra money, and there’s no selling involved — you're just earning for your school!

Raise Right is a great way to earn service hours! For every $25 earned for the school, that family will receive a service hour! Example: If you purchase $500 in Cash Wise Raise Right cards at 5% profit, you will have earned one service hour. It's that easy! If you have questions, please feel free to call Jordan at the school at 701-572-6384. 

To find out more about our Raise Right program or to sign up and start earning for your school, visit the parish office or talk to the sellers after weekend Mass.