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About St. Joseph's School

St Joseph's Parish is a pillar of the Williston community. Our focus on religion and the culturally diverse background of many of the students at St. Joseph's Catholic School sets us apart from the public schools in the area. Currently, our parish boasts around 1,000 families.

At St. Joseph's Catholic School, we have a dedicated staff that is committed to serving our students and families. Our caring staff takes pride in making our students feel like they are home.

Our Mission:

That we make known to each student the person and message of Christ.

That we make known to the children the history and traditions of the Catholic Church.

That we develop in our students a life of prayer and worship through religious education and participation in spiritual activities.

That we assist students in learning to form a conscience that is worthy and informed, and that we provide the opportunity to develop moral and spiritual values and ethical standards of conduct and basic integrity.

That we serve as an agent of the parents who are primarily responsible for the education of their children.

That we help students develop a positive self-worth and a respect for the rights of others as individuals and as groups.

That we aid our students in developing the ability and desire to search for knowledge independently.

That we provide our students instruction in basic skills necessary to function well in society.

That we teach our students the skills of communication, computation, and the appreciation of the arts, humanities, and sciences.

That we impart knowledge of man, his cultures, and his environments for a better understanding of the student's heritage so that he may attain a greater enjoyment and appreciation of life and for a better use of leisure time.

By conveying these beliefs successfully in the teaching process, we hope to enable the student to take his/her rightful place as a responsible member of the community and of the Church.