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School Supply List


St. Joseph’s School

2022-2023 School Supply List

(Please mark all school supplies with your child’s name.)
Pencil Box
Small box of crayons
Small box fine-tip markers
Small box of regular markers
1 Fiskars scissors
1Pkg glue sticks
1 container of sanitizing wipes
2 large cups of Play-Doh
1 Box of Kleenex
Full Day Students will need a blanket for quiet-time 

KINDERGARTEN (2023-2024 updates)

2 Boxes of 16 Crayola Crayons (standard size & colors)
Elmer’s White Liquid School Glue
5 Elmer's Glue Sticks (standard size – not chubby)
Fiskars Child Scissors
1 Spiral Notebook
2 Pocket Folders (plastic coated lasts all year)
1 Pocket Folder for Religion class
2 Packages Standard # 2 Pencils (not mechanical/not decorative) 
1 Pink Erasers  
1 Crayola Watercolor Paint (8 color)
2 Tubs Play-doh
1 Standard Size School Box (plastic lasts all year)
2 Boxes of Kleenex
2 Containers of Clorox Wipes
1 Bottle Hand Sanitizer
Headphones (No Earbuds)
Backpack or School Bag
*Please don’t bring markers, colored pencils, or pencil sharpeners*
*Please do not label supplies-we will do so.

FIRST GRADE (2023-2024 updates)

Box of 24 crayons
Colored pencils (1 pack)
Markers- Classic Colors (2 packs)
# 2 Pencils (not mechanical) (2 packs)
Pointed Fiskars scissors
Glue sticks (2 packs)
White Elmer’s glue (1)
School Box (plastic)
2 large boxes of Kleenex
Unscented disinfectant wipes
Headphones or earbuds
Black white board markers
Folder for the classroom
1 Pocket Folder for Religion
Composition notebooks (2)
Water bottle

Book bag / backpack

#2 pencils (25 if possible, already sharpened)
24 count box of crayons
Dry-erase markers (5) - preferably black
Colored pencils (1 pack)
Markers (1 pack)
Highlighter (2)
Red pen (1)
Glue sticks (10) - no liquid glue
(1) Fiskars sharp-pointed scissors
(2) Folders with pockets and 3 ring prongs
(1) Pack of clear page protectors
Latex free erasers (pink kind, not pencil tip)
Ruler with inches and centimeters
Large box of Kleenex (1) (Boys only)
Gallon sized ziplock bags (1) (Girls only)
Clorox wipes (2 canisters)
Composition notebooks (3)
Headphones (no earbuds)
Large school box (to hold supplies)

#2 Pencils
School Box (to hold supplies)
Box of 24 Crayons
Colored Pencils
Glue Sticks (5)
Highlighter (1)
Pointed Scissors
Loose Leaf Paper - Wide Ruled (1 pkg)
Wide-Ruled Notebook (1)
12" Ruler (must have metric measurements)
Large Boxes of Kleenex (2)
Two-Pocket Folders (1)
Dry Erase Markers-Fine Point
Clorox Wipes (2 canisters)
Headphones or Earbuds
#2 Pencils
Colored Pencils/Markers
Fine Point Sharpie
Glue Sticks
Wide-Ruled Loose-Leaf Paper
Composition Notebooks (3)
2-Pocket Folder
Large Box Kleenex
Clorox Wipes
Expo Markers
Water Bottle
(Please only send what is on the list, everything else will be provided in the classroom.)
Mechanical Pencils
Markers and/or Crayons
Dry Erase Markers 
Glue Sticks
Clear Ruler with Inches & Centimeters
Pointed Scissor
Large Boxes of Kleenex (2)
Sharpie Black Fine-Point Marker
Pocket Folder (2)
Colored Pencils
Composition Notebook (1)
One Spiral 1-Subject Notebook (wide-ruled)
Disinfectant Wipes
School Box
Headphones or Earbuds
Pencils (mechanical preferred)
Red Ink Pen
Colored Pencils
Dry Erase Markers - Fine or Medium Point (2)
Sharpie Black Fine Point Marker
Glue Stick
3-Subject Lined Notebook (1)
Pack of Loose Leaf paper
Pocket Folder for Take-home Papers
Clear Ruler with Inches & Centimeters
Large Box Kleenex
Clorox Wipes
Headphones or Earbuds
School Box
Please make sure all school supplies are Latex free.