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  Name Title Group Contact
Sarah Anderson Anderson, Sarah Social Worker 701-572-6384
Keith Bodin Bodin, Keith Custodian School Staff 701-572-6384
Kaylin Cherne Cherne, Kaylin 5th Grade Teacher 701-572-6384
Lacey Cote Cote, Lacey Office Personnel School Staff 701-572-6384
Beth Darr Darr, Beth Librarian School Staff 701-572-6384
Sarah DeLorme DeLorme, Sarah Speech Pathologist School Staff 701-572-6757
Gina Doran Doran, Gina Music Teacher 701-572-6384
Emily Driscoll Driscoll, Emily Music Teacher 701-572-6384
Ashley Estrada Estrada, Ashley Classroom Aide 701-572-6384
Charysse Everson Everson, Charysse Physical Education (PE) 701-572-6384
Chris Glueckert Glueckert, Chris Instructional Support School Staff 701-572-6384
Tammy Grundstad Grundstad, Tammy Preschool Teacher School Staff 701-572-6384
Anna Hoover Hoover, Anna Kindergarten Teacher 701-572-6384
Georgette Huravitch Huravitch, Georgette Preschool Teacher 701-572-6384
Shelby Kohler Kohler, Shelby AfterSchool Care Coordinator 701-713-0498
Julie Lysne Lysne, Julie Administrative Assistant School Staff 701-572-6384
Patricia Maddison Maddison, Patricia 4th Grade Teacher 701-572-6384
Maggie Martin Martin, Maggie Assistant Cook 701-572-6384
Samantha Mendis Mendis, Samantha 2nd Grade Teacher 701-572-6384
McKenzie Oas Oas, McKenzie AfterSchool Care Aide 701-770-8026
Tara Oas-Alvarado Oas-Alvarado, Tara Classroom Aide 701-572-6384
Nickie Petersen Petersen, Nickie Classroom Aide School Staff 701-572-6384
Julie Quamme Quamme, Julie Principal School Staff 701-572-6384
Kathy Ryan Ryan, Kathy 6th Grade Teacher School Staff 701-572-6384
Jaci Rynda Rynda, Jaci Teacher of the Deaf School Staff 701-572-6757
Valerie Schmidt Schmidt, Valerie L.D. School Staff 701-572-6757
Linda Stepanek Stepanek, Linda 1st Grade Teacher 701-572-6384
Ray Urbi Urbi, Ray Business Manager 701-572-6731
Rebecca Westerman Westerman, Rebecca 3rd Grade Teacher 701-572-6384