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We would like to welcome you and your child to St. Joseph’s Preschool! Our preschool encourages each child to grow socially and emotionally. We encourage creativity through play, music, crafts, and stories. We work on physical development, as well as mental development, and building positive self-esteem through interaction with others. We share the love of God through our stories, songs, and playtime.

Our 2017-2018 program offers class options as follows:

3-year-olds: AM or PM – Wednesdays (9:00 – 11:00 AM) or (12:30 – 2:30PM)  

4/5-year-olds: AM – Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays (8:15 – 11:00 AM)                     

4/5-year-olds: PM – Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays (12:00 – 2:45 PM)