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St. Joseph's Catholic School is pleased to offer two options for Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year!  Our Kindergarten classroom will be designed as a part-day and full-day option.

Kindergarten begins at 8:15.  The part-day session will dismiss at 11:00 a.m. while the full-day session will dismiss at 3:00.  For an additional fee afterschool programming is available beginning at 3:00.  Coordinated dress is required for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade.  Tuition and coordinated clothing assistance is available for those who seek it.  All are welcome at St. Joseph's regardless of their religious denomination.

The morning is designed to give all students an academic foundation on which they can continue to build as they grow and learn.  Students will be taught in the subject areas of reading, math, science, social studies, religion, and art using a variety of formal and informal activities through such strategies as learning centers, songs, rhythm, and movement.  The Kindergarten students will also participate in physical education, music, and library.

Students that are enrolled in the full-day option will have the opportunity to extend their learning day and deepen their academic foundation base.  The afternoon curriculum is designed to expand learning opportunities in key academic areas (language, literacy, and math), providing creative and hands-on experiences that address the needs of the whole child.  The increased time will allow the students more time to explore, discover, and develop a sense of wonder for the foundations of learning through extension and enrichment activities.  All students in full-day Kindergarten will have rest time and play time set aside each day.  The Hot Lunch program will be available for an additional fee.

Our Kindergarten program expands a child's ability to learn about the world, organize information, and problem solve.  In turn, this increases the child's feelings of self-worth, confidence, ability to work with others, and interest in challenging tasks.  Our Kindergarten experience provides the foundational skills for learning and thinking that enable children to become enthusiastic lifelong learners.

Our school traditions and activities are enjoyed by both students and the community.  Some of these include:

  • Prayer Partners
  • Class Field Trips
  • Fall Festival
  • Student Assemblies
  • Graduation
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Weekly Children's Mass
  • Christmas Program
  • PTO Family Fun Nights
  • Missoula Children's Theater Productions
  • Mardi Gras


Tuition rates for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:

                                                                   Parish Members                   Non-Parish Members
  • Part-Day Kindergarten -                      $2,441                                           $3,113      
  • Full-Day Kindergarten -                       $3,156                                           $4,026


"Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old enough he will not depart from it."  - Proverbs 22:6